How will I receive my music when purchased?

There is no automated system for music purchases, but I will typically email you your music within 48 hours from purchase after being notified through PayPal. If you haven't received your music please contact me directly.

 I will soon be performing a piece of yours for a festival/competition and the judges require original copies, yet you only distribute PDF files. What should I do?

Don't worry! Simply send me an email with the following info and I'll write you a letter verifying that you have indeed purchased the music. I have yet to have any issues with a performer being allowed to participate.

  1. Name of performer & piece being performed (so I can verify purchase)
  2. Name of event
  3. Date & location of event

How can I commission custom music/arranging/drill?

Click on the Arranging & Drill Writing tab above for details, and I'll get back to you asap!

Are the "free" pieces really free?

Yes! 100% free, no strings attached, no emails, sign-ups, or anything required. They are created purely to help out students and directors on a budget to get quality literature and spread the love of music. Feel free to give it to your friends as well!

What do the site's donations go towards?

Site maintenance and domain hosting.

When were you born? I need your date of birth for a program.

April 19, 1988

I am also a composer! Will you publish one of my pieces?



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