Six Short Marches for Percussion Ensemble

These six short pieces are designed for the beginner and intermediate percussion ensemble. Each piece's instrumentation is flexible, featuring a Mallet 1 (Bells or Vibraphone), Mallet 2 (Marimba or Xylophone), Tambourine, Snare Drum, and Bass Drum, but can be reduced or augmented depending on your group's size and ability levels.

Eight Great Cadences for Drum Line, 2nd ed.

Every director and student has been through the ringer trying to find a new cadence for their drum line, only to be lost in a sea of music that is either far too easy or leagues too difficult. Eight Great Cadences for Drum Line offers eight free cadences ranging from easy high school level to moderate and advanced.
The 2nd edition offers parts in both Portrait and Flip-Folder sizes, along with 2 new cadences and updated notation that has been cleaned up for better readability.